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Your blockchain's oracle

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The most secure way to bring data into the blockchain.

Secure by design

Zibyl provides cryptographic assurance of confidentiality using a secure hardware enclave.


Results are verifiable for integrity and honesty using hardware and software remote attestation.

Integrate quickly

Bringing outside data into a smart-contract used to be a big undertaking. With Zibyl, it takes minutes.

Everything a dApp needs from an Oracle.

  • Zibyl frees you from the overhead of managing off-chain data sources.
  • Scale without worrying. Zibyl is multi-cloud and built for highly-availability.
  • View and validate every request from our real-time dashboard.
  • Confidentially invoke code from a secure hardware enclave.
With Zibyl, you can
  • Query any API.
  • Parse any website.
  • Ask any question.
  • Compute any program.

Simple Pricing

During beta, all prices are free.

¢ 10
per request
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Fetch any website or API.
  • Encrypted query support.
  • Realtime reports and verification.
  • Software based authenticity proofs.
  • Everything from pay-as-you-go.
  • Dedicated Support.
  • Volume discounts.
  • Confidential, remote computation.
  • Hardware-based remote attestation.
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